Wildcat Cook-off Begins With “Dorm Domination”


LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 17, 2009) – Now is the time to show off your college cooking skills with the Student Activities Board (SAB) and UK Dining Services. They are joining together to put on the Wildcat Cook-off Series starting with a competition titled “Dorm Domination.”

Think “Iron Chef” done college-style, with the secret ingredient being something along the lines of ramen noodles. Those who enter the cook-off must use a predetermined ingredient that would be commonly found in a college dorm room. Ingredients like macaroni and cheese, potato chips, energy drinks or cereal are all fair game.  

“We’re always looking for new and different things to put on, and doing 'Iron Chef' college-style will definitely make for some interesting food combinations,” said Aubrey Collier, director of SAB’s cultural arts committee.

The whole competition will only take about an hour, with 10 minutes of prep-time, 30 minutes to cook and plate the food, 15 minutes to judge and five minutes to declare the winner. Chefs from Dining Services will sample the cuisine the competitors create, and they will determine the winner of the competition.

The Wildcat Cook-off “Dorm Domination” is the first of four themed cook-off competitions to be held throughout the semester. This first culinary throw-down is at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 17, at Commons Dining Hall on UK's campus. Cooking materials, personnel and prizes will be provided.

Anyone interested in competing at the next Wildcat Cook-off should contact Aubrey Collier at aubrey.collier@uky.edu or call (859) 257-8867. For more information on this event or other SAB activities, visit www.uksab.org.