UK@Work Survey: We’re Listening

Monday, September 18, 2017

For the fifth time on our campus, faculty and staff are taking advantage of the opportunity to let us know what it’s like to work here, and how we can better support the UK community’s success.

The UK@Work survey continues through Sept. 27, and the feedback we receive plays a crucial role in our planning and decision-making. We strive to make the University of Kentucky a supportive, engaging workplace. To build upon that commitment, we need your feedback on how we’re doing.

Since the last time we administered the UK@Work survey, in the spring of 2015, we have implemented initiatives that address much of what we heard from our community. For example, we have:

  • Provided managers and employees alike with more support for workplace flexibility,
  • Increased engagement opportunities with leaders, including the monthly Conversation with the President,
  • Expanded our free Work+Life Connections counseling program with the addition of a mental health clinician,
  • Begun offering financial well-being counseling to help address a common source of stress,
  • Provided subsidized Fitbits to help foster a culture of wellness,
  • Avoided cost increases to the employee contribution for health insurance, and
  • Supported our deans and vice presidents in implementing action plans based on your survey feedback in their respective colleges and divisions.

Based on your feedback on this year’s survey, we look forward to measuring our improvements since 2015; and, identifying areas where we have more work to do.

I want to thank the nearly 3,000 staff and faculty members who have already taken time to complete the survey. If you have not responded, I encourage you to check your email inbox for your survey invitation with your unique link to complete the survey. All responses are completely confidential.

Watch for a link at the end of the survey to register for a prize drawing, which includes UK football and basketball tickets, an iPad Pro, Fitbits, MoveWell employee gym memberships and others.

Taking a few minutes to provide your input gives us the information we need to support you in the outstanding work you do every day. 

Our continued progress at the University is a testament to our employees and their dedication to our mission.  Thank you for your great work. 

I look forward to receiving your feedback on what it’s like to work here, and how we can better support the UK community’s success.


Eric N. Monday