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What’s Your Reason? Cats Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 13, 2021) – Thanks to the tireless efforts of UK HealthCare and UK employees and volunteers, the vaccine clinic at Kroger Field has administered more than 200,000 COVID-19 vaccines to Kentuckians across the commonwealth.

Reaching this milestone was no easy feat. It is one that has taken tremendous effort and energy, and one that all Kentuckians can be proud of.

Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States have succumbed to COVID-19. Millions more have contracted the deadly virus with a wide range of symptoms. People have missed quality time with families – including grandparents and great-grandparents. Major milestone celebrations have been canceled – graduations, birthdays, weddings. Long-awaited trips have been put on hold.

These are all reasons why Wildcats are rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated.

Any Kentuckian, age 16 or older, is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. So far, about 30% of the Commonwealth is vaccinated with at least one dose. 

For more information on how to register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine:

A sign-up tool has been developed where you will answer screening questions and then be invited to consent to be vaccinated, according to the state’s prioritized guidelines. The sign-up is available here.

By completing the vaccine request form, you will be added to the database of those requesting to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the Kroger Field location. The database will allow UK HealthCare to send invitations for vaccine appointments. Once you receive the email invitation, please respond as quickly as possible.

For questions about this process, you can call 859-218-0111 or email A list of current information and frequently asked questions is available at

The vaccination clinic operates from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

UK Students are getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
Students receiving Covid-19 vaccine.
Students receiving Covid-19 vaccine.
Students receiving Covid-19 vaccine.
Students receiving Covid-19 vaccine.